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Started making guides, heres the first one. (u/Mulgosh)

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Hi redditors,

after I got asked a few times to make some guides I decided to actually do that. I started with a simple "Getting Started" guide on some of the most asked questions I've seen since unchained got released. I tried to cover the basics on classes, upgrading and rerolling gear, armor and weapon types and some leveling tips.

I plan on adding some pictures and a guide on how to get additional infusions (wanna test some stuff ingame) in the next days, but i decided to post in it's current state to get some critisim and opinions, to see if I should even go on. If it's well recieved, I plan on making guides about some classes, fishing, farming, traderuns, upgrading hiram gear and more, depending on what people ask for. There are a lot of guides out there already, but most are either outdated, hard to find or videos by veterans that are sometimes hard to understand for new players and some people just prefer written guides.

All of my guides will cover basics of the game, only a bit to no min/maxing, only a few hints at the meta and will be made for new players with little to no knowledge and casuals. English is not my first language so expect some mistakes.

So here is the guide, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy:

the Guide

Edit: Thanks for all the replies. I will keep adding some more to this guide before start making a new one. I already added some pictures to the upgrading section and added a labor section to the guide, that is still WIP. Additionally I plan on adding: recomended settings, a bit about Keybindings and shortcuts, the ping problem of archers and how to get the glider etc. if you missed the quest.

Edit 2: done with 'Archer ping problem' and added informations to the leveling section.


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