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There is money in horses other than trying to get a tier 8 and making it a courser! It is through Imperial horse Delivery, any horse of any tier as long as it is level 15 can be traded to the imperial delivery at the stable in velia. so i see you go off now and think wtf they offer me 6 mil for my tier 6 horse.....ok so its not the money here! You also get seals, and it is these seals that is the money maker! so for every horse you trade to him you get seals equivalent to the horse tier, so a tier 6 gives 6 seals, and it is these seals needed to make a jin viper, worth 330 MIL! you need 12 seals to exchange for one viper essence, you then heat the essence with ancient crystal viper from the MP cost is around 6 mil. you then heat 10 black magic crystals of any sort to get shards 10 of them, then simple alchemy 10 shards, the crystal and 1 forest fury! you will either get BON WON or JIN viper. i just made two, got one jin and one bon so a total of 400 mil made.

while leveling horses do not wear mastery clothing, example loggia manos etc, instead you should get a +3 silver embroidered trainers clothes cost is 150 mil this gives 20% more horse xp, also buy a manos crop as this increases the horse speed. buy either elixier of training (cheap) or celerity draught (4 mil for this!) but it lasts 3 hours and they give you extra horse xp again. You can also buy from pearl shop mount scroll for 40 pearls works just like combat scroll. All of these things will make a difference in the time it takes to level a horse!!!

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